понедельник, 5 сентября 2011 г.

Lucid dreaming in practice

So, i decided to share my experience in lucid dreaming.  Lucid dreaming itself means that while sleeping you realize you are in a dream, and can make anything you want limited only by your fantasy, like some sort of a video game.
You can do whatever you want, not afraid of pain, awkwardness and stuff.
There is a shitload of diff methods to go into lucid dreaming, but i used 2 of them - 1) checking out am i dreaming or not during the day by pinching my hand. (once you'll make it in a dream you'll realize you are sleeping) 2) You must have a 1-hour nap 2-3 hours before actual sleep. When going to bed for the actual sleep (not for a nap) lay on your back and dont move any part of your body, even eyeballs and throat. just lay calmly till falling straigth into lucid dream, awared that you are sleeping.
Once i realized it for the first time, i started to fuck everybody i wanted, use supernatural powers and many other.
somу features of lucid dreams i noticed
1) Every girl i encountered was not averse to fuck.
2) I didnt manage to teleport to a place i wanted
3)  When fucking, i experienced really awesome feelings. (weird - you cant feel pain but can some other physical feelings)
4) At some point of a dream you can lost control on yourself, and the dream will become usual.
5) After realising that you are in a LD you can wake up from the excitement. To aviod it - take a look at your hands, it will calm you down.
One night i had the most epic dream i've ever had. It were actually dreams, one in another, so  i was waking up from one dream and got into another, it was about 4 or more dreams straight one by one. When i really woke up, i had the weirdest boner feeling in my life - like many years had passed since i went to a bed 4 hours ago.  


Nothings really happens here, in my dormitory.